Wenn Einer eine Reise tut…

Feb 23rd 2010: Travel

I guess there is usually a lot to talk about in the first few days as everything is still new and exciting. Even though it’s only been two days and I’ve been taking it easy (and have been sleeping a lot), it’s been an exciting couple of days. The initial wtf-was-I-thinking quickly gave way to the I-can-see-myself-living-here-for-a-while. First impressions of Buenos Aires: a lot like¬†Mediterranean¬†Europe (I didn’t really know what that meant until I saw it), everybody hangs out until late in cafes and bars, the buildings are beautiful and even more beautiful at night with lots of mixed lighting going on, you can walk through the whole city, which btw is freaking huge, Palermo Viejo is very beautiful with trees and cobble stone streets and all, food is tasty, beer is cheap and good, from what I can tell people are friendly, and the weather is hot and humid with the occasional thunderstorm – apparently Palermo including the hostel I’m staying in was flooded only a week ago. Global warming has been blamed. The clear highlights of today were getting soaking wet in the storm, being able to buy a cell phone on my own in Spanish (not that different from ordering beer in fact) and finding a copy of “Leccion de fotografia” that just had to be purchased, though not cheap. And I love the new cell phone. It’s a small, red/black Samsung flip phone that’s really just good for calling and sms, though it does sport a tiny VGA still camera. It’s back to basics.

Posted in Travel by Ernst Bruening on February 23rd, 2010 at 4:35 am.

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