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Shifting Focus

Mar 23rd 2010: New Work, Travel

(This is a Tweener Post: not much content, just filling space between more important posts, filled with some general background information and public service announcements. Enjoy)

It’s odd. I feel like I am doing less, but the days pass by faster. Has it really been four days already since the last post? I’ve been meaning to continue posting about 2-3 posts per week. Now I am glad if I get one done. It’s not that I feel bad about it. It’s just that there is simply less to post about right now: as mentioned in the last post, I have now settled and with the departure of some friends I have started to focus on what I came here for, my work. Over the last five or so days I’ve been shooting 4-5 rolls per day, which is now my target as I cannot process more than that on the chemical side. My days are spent with developing images, making (bad) contact sheets of the just developed ones (see sample below) and then going out shooting more. This leaves surprisingly little in-between time, which is spent on meeting people (only a few times per week), making coffee, running errands, a Tango class here and there, and just generally staring at photos. It is a real shift in focus. I didn’t realize how much I missed taking photos. It feels sooooo good to just go out and wander with the camera, music blasting, rolls of film in my pocket, the wind in my beard, walking into the sunset while waiting for the artificial lights to go on. And doing it all day every day is still somewhat unreal. Really? I don’t have to do anything else? So expect less travel focused posts and more art and photo focused posts.

I would like you to also note that I have added a new section to the right sidebar of this blog called “TRAVEL PHOTOS” which has links to my different photo galleries of photos of Buenos Aires. Like an album about my neat new apartment that I’ve been talking so much about. And one with photos of all the graffiti art that is literally everywhere and quite good. And I’ll keep adding more so keep an eye on that box and revisit those galleries every once in a while.