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Mar 29th 2010: Travel

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As mentioned before, the quality of the food in Buenos Aires is very good, but it does lack variety. Coming up to the end of my fifth week here, I do crave something different every once in a while. My basic cooking skills do provide some alternatives to the local cuisine, mostly because my kitchen experiments keep going horribly wrong. You would be surprised in how many ways you can screw up pasta. Seeking something new to entertain my palate I recently ended up at Burger King. It was not what I expected. Fast food abroad is usually more interesting than in the States. In Germany for instance the McDonalds have “theme weeks” to spice up the menu. One week there would be “Caribbean Week” with optional pineapple slices on the burgers and Pina Colada milkshakes. Other weeks they would offer burgers with BBQ sauce calling it the “Texas Week.” In Korea you can get Kimchi burgers on buns from rice and Bulgogi (spareribs) burgers at the local Lotterias, a Koreanized version of McD.

When I entered the Burger King in Buenos Aires I hoped to find some interesting, localized burger variants. And I did. But it was not what I anticipated. Instead of locally flavored burgers I found the exact same menu you would find in the US. With one major difference: the BK Stacker. A burger with 2, 3, or 4 meat paddies separated by cheese slices. Think In ‘n Out’s doubles, 3×3, and 4×4, but with an extra layer of bacon to round things off. I guess for a country obsessed with beef this should not have been a surprise. After a bit of research I found out this stacker has also been offered in the US. I must have never noticed it there. Well, in my defense, in the country of ethnic food diversity I barely find a need to visit BK. However, there was no way not to notice it here. It’s the biggest sales item with massive advertisements, as you can see below. In the end I refused the temptation of further straining my heart and only ordered a Whopper. It was big and juicy and tasty… Change is good.

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