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Light Up!

May 1st 2010: Travel

(first chapter of the Guilty Pleasure Tales)

Remember those times when you went out to a pub or a bar or a club and then you came home, late at night, after having a grand old time, you crash in your bed, barely able to get out of your clothing and sleep so deep and well, like a log, or like a German style rock? And the next morning you wake up bright and early and relaxed and still a tad hung-over. And then you smell your hair and that favorite shirt you wore the night before. And the gag reflex kicks in and you are more likely to throw up now from that nasty stench than you were the night before from the Tequila shots? Remember those days? Obviously I am talking about the time before smoking was banned in these … entertainment facilities. And when that ban came, at first you were surprised, didn’t see the point, reluctant to change, until that first time you went out after the ban had been instated and then, the next morning, you realized you smell like a fresh spring flower in an untouched forest near the snow covered mountains with Unicorns¬†joyously¬†trotting by. Basically what the snuggle bear must smell like. OK, maybe you didn’t smell quite like that, but you know what I mean. Well, Buenos Aires is going through that transition right now… and very slowly. At this point it is still smoker heaven with some minor annoyances, while as a non-smoker you are in partial hell. As occasional smoker you might just get by.
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The Bug

May 1st 2010: Travel

(update from: So Very Hot)

I just went to see a Tango show. It was fantastic. It was the Carlos Gardel show in Abasto, Buenos Aires. Dinner was great and then the show started. When it ended, an hour and a half later I was so disappointed. I could have watched for another hour or so. It was really well done, with a lot of variety. BUT I also have to say that watching those guys perform amazing Tango on stage only reaffirmed my understanding of the dance: it’s not a spectator sport. I want to be there, move with the music, as bad of a dancer as I still am, instead of watching them, no matter how amazing they are. Tango is so hot.