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May 1st 2010: Travel

(update from: So Very Hot)

I just went to see a Tango show. It was fantastic. It was the Carlos Gardel show in Abasto, Buenos Aires. Dinner was great and then the show started. When it ended, an hour and a half later I was so disappointed. I could have watched for another hour or so. It was really well done, with a lot of variety. BUT I also have to say that watching those guys perform amazing Tango on stage only reaffirmed my understanding of the dance: it’s not a spectator sport. I want to be there, move with the music, as bad of a dancer as I still am, instead of watching them, no matter how amazing they are. Tango is so hot.

Posted in Travel by Ernst Bruening on May 1st, 2010 at 4:21 am.

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