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About That Novel

Jun 30th 2010: Thoughts, Travel

Need a place to write that novel? Consider Jerome, Arizona!

After receiving suggestions from a couple of blog readers to visit Sedona and its canyons, I arranged my tour to drive from Prescot to Sedona via this historic road, 89A. It was one of the most scenic drives on this trip to date. Following a curvy and treacherous road at at 20mph, wiggling itself along the deep edge of a beautiful, red-glowing canyon, I got to see a different side of Arizona. Always associating it with hot desert, cactus, and tumbleweed, I was surprised to
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I {heart} Wyoming

Jun 22nd 2010: Travel

There’s a sentence I never thought I’d say. But it’s true. Finally equipped with more than just an iphone to write and with a little bit of time to kill, I finally have an opportunity to review the last few crazy busy days. If this seems a bit like a random rambling, well it is. I, too, am still wrapping my head around the last week. In the eternal, but rephrased, words of Blaise Pascal: sorry to write you a long blog post, but I didn’t have time to write a short one.


After leaving the National Parks in Canada and being told I was “weird” for having a cooler full of film by the US border guard, travel companion Angela and I proceeded into Montana. The goal was to drive as quickly as possible to West Yellowstone, a small town outside Yellowstone National Park. On the way we stopped in Whitefish, a cute little Montana town,
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Almost 3,000 Miles

Jun 16th 2010: Travel

Hanging out in a borders in Bozeman, hiding from the rain I finally have a minute to reflect. The last few days have been insane and overwhelming. I got to know the car and it’s quirks well and there were a few times I was worried about it breaking down, but it stubbornly held up and I started to really appreciate the Subaru reliability. If it came this far without problems, it’ll go a bit further. To New York I hope.

But even just in a few days, there has been so much to see. Banff and Jasper are just beautiful national parks
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Rain Check

Jun 9th 2010: Travel

Seattle decided to treat me with rain today – didn’t I hear it called the “Rainy City” somewhere? – and so, sitting in one of the gazillion cafes, it’s a good opportunity to do a check-in of how the road trip is going. The short answer: good so far. So there you go. You can return to Facebook now.

But for your reading pleasure, I’ll expand on that. After a quick six hour drive on day zero I spent the first two days with my friend Adam in the Redwood National Park, up North in Humboldt county. On Sunday I then headed to Seattle, stopping in Boring, OR, and bypassing Portland and the massive thunderstorm that was going on there (sorry to all my Oregonite friends) in one massive, continuous coffee-and-diet-coke-fueled 13 hour rage. I’ve been bumming around Seattle ever since, sipping coffee, cursing the hills that remind me an awful lot of San Francisco, and generally bracing myself for the *real* start of the trip on Friday: tomorrow
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