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“You have reached your destination…”

Jul 30th 2010: Travel

Famous last words anyone with a Tomtom GPS is familiar with. After spending several days with a friend in DC I am on my way to Boston, my last stop before going for the final destination, New York. As I am driving, with a quick stop in Philadelphia, with the windows wide open because of the broken A/C and with the radio loud because of the open windows, I first start to notice some vibrations. Initially I blame it on the poor roads on the East Coast. They don’t build them like California does. But then, some time later, some odd sounds are becoming more and more prominent every 50 miles or so.
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Jul 23rd 2010: Travel

Sitting in the complete dark at a campground in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, after the fireflies gave their farewell at the end of dusk, surrounded by a ruckus of nocturnal insects and birds, my iphone and its kindle app competing with a pale moon above the canopy as the only illumination in the forest, I continue to read more of Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charley.” This book has been my companion throughout this trip. It is actually rather short, a light read in many ways, but with all the excitement going on and the hours spent driving everyday and the related exhaustion I have become a very slow reader. This has served me well. As the days go by for me, as I make my own discoveries, so does Steinbeck and often, when I finally find the patience and the calm to read more, I find that, even though our trips are quite different, we have been going through the many of same motions. I think these are general road trip experiences and worth at least a blog post, especially at this point of the journey. All the quotes below I borrowed from his book.

To start, there is that sense of doom I had when embarking on this trip. After I had bought my car in a rush, determined the route, all of a sudden the massiveness of the undertaking became clear. “And suddenly the United States became huge beyond belief
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Easy Now, Easy!

Jul 19th 2010: Travel

When the hybrid car market began to take off and Toyota really started pushing their Prius, they had this ad campaign: The car that you just can’t stop talking about. They were right on the money: I had driven my first Prius in 2002 through Zip Car and I was impressed and … geekily smitten. And I would tell anyone about how cool that car was until their ears build a gooey wax barricade blocking out my voice frequencies. That didn’t stop me. Anyway, that’s how I feel now about New Orleans, so hold on to your wax.

After a great time in San Antonio, Austin, and Houston (yes, Houston!), New Orleans was my half way highlight. I had spent five of ten weeks on the road. Half the distance to New York had been driven. 7,500 miles. 2,500 photos had been taken on film and
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The American West

Jul 1st 2010: New Work, Travel

Less fabricated. I have now had a chance to do a first upload of some photos of the western section of the trip here: on picasa for (my) convenience. Enjoy.

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