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Easy Now, Easy!

Jul 19th 2010: Travel

When the hybrid car market began to take off and Toyota really started pushing their Prius, they had this ad campaign: The car that you just can’t stop talking about. They were right on the money: I had driven my first Prius in 2002 through Zip Car and I was impressed and … geekily smitten. And I would tell anyone about how cool that car was until their ears build a gooey wax barricade blocking out my voice frequencies. That didn’t stop me. Anyway, that’s how I feel now about New Orleans, so hold on to your wax.

After a great time in San Antonio, Austin, and Houston (yes, Houston!), New Orleans was my half way highlight. I had spent five of ten weeks on the road. Half the distance to New York had been driven. 7,500 miles. 2,500 photos had been taken on film and
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