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Jul 23rd 2010: Travel

Sitting in the complete dark at a campground in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, after the fireflies gave their farewell at the end of dusk, surrounded by a ruckus of nocturnal insects and birds, my iphone and its kindle app competing with a pale moon above the canopy as the only illumination in the forest, I continue to read more of Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charley.” This book has been my companion throughout this trip. It is actually rather short, a light read in many ways, but with all the excitement going on and the hours spent driving everyday and the related exhaustion I have become a very slow reader. This has served me well. As the days go by for me, as I make my own discoveries, so does Steinbeck and often, when I finally find the patience and the calm to read more, I find that, even though our trips are quite different, we have been going through the many of same motions. I think these are general road trip experiences and worth at least a blog post, especially at this point of the journey. All the quotes below I borrowed from his book.

To start, there is that sense of doom I had when embarking on this trip. After I had bought my car in a rush, determined the route, all of a sudden the massiveness of the undertaking became clear. “And suddenly the United States became huge beyond belief
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