Travel plans

(last update: May 2010)

As I am pursuing my dream of dedicating myself to my photography I will follow my heart on where to go and will be working on-site on several different projects. For more info on the why read this page.

This page will have the most current plan, as it develops. So come back every once in a while.

Highlevel Overview

I segmented the next 12+ months into currently four major sections:

  1. February – May: Argentina, focus will be on shooting for current projects (complete)
  2. June – August: Road trip across the United States, from San Francisco to New York, shoot photos (current)
  3. August – September: Various travels abroad, details to come, shoot photos (planned)
  4. November – February: New York City, work through photos, create body of work (planned)

1. Argentina and Chile

(completed: review post)

The first major stop was Buenos Aires, Argentina. Having never been to South America I was excited to finally get to know this part of the world. It started in the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires, and further explorations were taken from there to Patagonia. The focus will be to work on the current projects full time and drive them to a new level.

2. Road Trip USA

(current: initial post)

Following in the footsteps of my heros Robert Frank and Stephen Shore I am keen on driving across the country, probably spending several months at least on this trip.

3. Various Travels

It looks like I might be doing some international travels, mainly in Asia. Korea, my 4th visit there, is almost confirmed, but I would also love to visit Japan and Hong Kong, which I have never seen. With friends in Beijing, Shanghai, and Bangkok I might also visit those wonderful cities again.

4. New York City

In the fall I would like to spend a few months in New York City. In addition I am also applying to several residency programs to find a secluded place to be able to go through and edit down the large number of photos I expect to have at that point. The goal is to create a final body of work for publication purposes.